Sabine Mortenwold – Model Resume

I have been modeling in SL since the spring of 2009.  I have been lucky enough and worked hard enough to be a part of some of the best agencies in SL.  I also have had the honor of sharing my 3 plus years worth of studying and constant learning with students in academies such as SE, Opium, and Posh, Inworld.  I have had the pleasure of teaching some of the rising models in SL and it is so great to see them take flight.

I have also mentored people and helped them break into the modeling world and win contest, taking someone from a noobie to a winner.  I really love to style – it goes along well with my RL side of being a professional artist.  When I was younger in RL I was a model in my hometown and appeared in shows, print, and on the television.  I also had family members who could design anything.  So fashion runs in my blood and I enjoy helping my various friends with their styling challenges.

In the course of my modeling experience I have taken courses from such outstanding places as Evane, LA, Catalyst of Fantasy, Venus, Glance, Fashion Institute, MVW, and Avenue to name a few.  Each course has been great in it’s own way.

I have had the honor to be a finalist in a number of great functions in SL including My Precious Queen – twice – having won MP April and September 2011, Miss Costa Rica, a pre-finalist for MVW, a pre-finalist for Angels Dessous, a finalist in the I Am Fierece – winter contest, Calendar Model, finalist in 2010 and 2009 for Face of Beningborough.

I am currently affiliated with:  Avcon, Asymetrique, Elegancia, Finesmith Gemstone, HOB, House of Models, Inworld, Kabuki, OGlam, and Opium. Former agencies – Arcobaleno – Bestyle  – COF – Evane –  Fan Elyte Shopping – COF – Glance – LA – Premier, SE, SSMA, Venus

Modeling Instructor – Basic #1 and #2 – SuperElite, Opium Fashion Academy, and Posh Modeling Academy.  Script writer, host, runway manager.


Miss Costa Rica Finalist 2011

Pre-Finalist MVW

My Precious Summer Queen and Winter – 2011

Finalist – BeStyle

Semi-Finalist – Angel Dessous

Face of Beningborough 2011 Finalist

Champagne Sparkling Face of the Month – 1st runner up – Oct 2010

Calendar Model of the Month – August 10

Angel Dessous – Lingerie – Aug 10

Pre-Finals – Miss Virtual World – 2011

2nd runner- up Calendar Model of the Month – July 2010

House of Beningborough In_store Modeling Contest Winer – July 10

DMG Creative look of the month – Third runner-up Dec 09

Miss SuperElite Pre-Finalist Winter and Spring – sublist Miss Winter

Face of Beningborough – Pre-Finalist and 1st sub Finalist 2010

January Make it Work – Finalist

JCNY Model’Fest Sept – Dec 09

JCNY Model’Fest Oct 09 Runner-up


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