Checkmate with black and white check from Jador

I am happy to show you this really cute casual outfit from Jador today called Flavia.  I was really impressed with the new fall pieces that  I saw from Jador and I am going to share several looks with you.  The first was this really great vest and pants set in a black and white check.  I really love the stand up collar – something I still wear in RL although it is probably soooo out.  This was a fun look to play with and very versatile.

The set comes with a light grey scarf at the neck but I could not resist adding this cute bow from Royal Blue.  I thought it really jazzed the look up with the addition of some color.  I have also added a cropped jacket from Royal Blue in coal called Soft Core Days Jacket.  The combo is just right for a fun casual look for fall and something I know I will wear more.

I really liked how the vest is a more intense version on the check in the pants.  The contrast was a nice touch.  The low slung pants come with an adjustable belt and give the set a nice finished look.  You will want to stay with a slim shoe here with the pants having a narrow flair at the bottom of the leg.  I am wearing J’s black boots with this and they worked out great.

The glasses crack me up as with some things in SL they did not rez right.  They are called Jackie O glasses and are supposed to be as anyone who knows Jackie O’s style knows – round.  Of course once I rezzed today – yep – they were round.  BUT I loved them with this fun shape so here you go.  The Boon Tom hair seemed a great look to wear with this fresh fall outfit – ready for the leaves to go whipping by.  Just added some monotone nails from Candy Nail and some great silver and black earrings from Rozoregalia and you are all set to go – easy easy!!!


One more entry before bed – Gold’n Black from AlaFolie

One more dash to the blog post before I go to bed.  I am really enjoying bringing some of the new things to you that I have found out on my shopping trips.  This was such a great classic look from AlaFolie.  It is so ladylike that I feel like I should be joining my friends somewhere for a lovely tea or lunch.  This outfit has the most amazing detail.  You have to see it up close!!!

The gold tweed jacket is adorned with a black lace collar and a black fringed shawl.  I really am impressed with the intricate detailing in the shawl and how it lays and fits.  Amazing craftsmanship.  The jacket has a sassy asymmetric peplum that has a two button closure.  The skirt hugs you so tight that you have to take tiny steps to walk in it.  Speaking of walking, the outfit comes with really cute MaryJane’s that match the trim on the adorable drop brim hat.

This outfit comes with so much you don’t really need to add anymore but I have chosen a few pieces from Lagyo’s new fall collection to add here.  I am wearing the Fleu de lis passion necklace and earrings – since this is such a Parisian look.  I have on Lagyo’s Zarema Gloves in Jet and also have the Lagyo Nika bag in a great snake skin pattern.

As you know from reading my blog I love to mix and match and this outfit has some really awesome pieces that I know I will be wearing with various things throughout the fall.

Gizza goes wildly into the fall

I love love this fuzzy zebra jacket from Gizza.  This is such a great edgy boho look.  The jacket so reminds me of something you would have seen in the movie Five Easy Pieces .  I love the touch with the bird – I look like a bird whisperer.  I have on the complete Fusion Chic set in zebra for this including the adorable boots.  They are going to be  great to wear in the fall with skirts as well as slim pants.

I have added the layered tanktop from Coco in Khaki.  I also added old gloves from a Rfrye outfit and a really cute bag from Lelutka called Ruiz.  The detailing of the scarf is great with this Gizza  Fusion outfit.  I also have on Zaara’s wrapped necklace in onyx and men’s aviators from Motel.

The finishing touch was the hair from Vanity Hair.  This is a great easy sexy style to wear with this.  The Camo-Chic comes with a headband that you can change and as I was flipping through I found a great one with the khaki, camel, and brown combo that worked well with this jacket.  Hope you enjoy this fun autumn into winter look from Gizza.


Missing a dear friend

We all meet people in SL and they come and go from our lives.  We either know them in passing or we get to know them more as a true friend.  Aspen Parx was one of the people in SL I counted as a real friend.  We were both the same age, from FLA, and shared a lot of the same values and view points.  Aspen worked hard in RL but he also worked hard in SL and really wanted to succeed in modeling.  Many of you will remember the auction recently where Frolic’s time and services were up for grabs.  Aspen was the winner as he wanted to work on his avi and do what he could to be a top SL model.  He recently ran for MVW and while he was not the final choice I know he was out there with all of his heart and soul to do a great job.  Knowing Aspen like I did I know he was disappointed but in my book he was always a winner!

Aspen was always there to cheer people on and to tell you how great you were despite your struggles.  He went through the ups and downs of modeling as we all have and knew how hard it is.  He was one of the kindest people and for that he was the best in my book!  We all passed around those friend notecards and of all the ones I got I happened to only save Aspen’s after cleaning out my inventory ages before this happened.  It is so bittersweet to read over them now.  Here are a few answers to the friends survey – in his memory.

Name: Aspen Parx

1. What is your occupation in SL? Wannabe MODEL  and  a Surf Bum

02. How many items in your inventory?

03. What are you listening to right now?
The Radio - Classical music

04. What was the last thing you ate?
Ham and Cheese

05.Can you drive a stick shift?
You bet!
08. Do you like the person who sent you this?

Yes I care about everyone on my friends list.

Here’s to a great person!

Uptown Girl

Once again I am bringing you a fall mix and match.  I love the fall and can’t wait to get out my favorite things and have a grand time wearing them.  I really love some of the cute jackets I am seeing out on the grid in stores and have on another wonderful one today.  I have mixed it with some oldies but goodies in my inventory to get them a fresh new look.

Here I am wearing one of the wonderful new jackets from Osakki called Artica.  The jacket comes with a really cool avante garde skirt too but I was really taken with the cut of the jacket.  A modern day kimono feel – fresh and loose.  It has a bolero length and fur pattern making it a great look for fall or winter.  The sleeves are really full and you can layer like mad under them.

I am wearing a tried and true Leezu blouse – Valerie in bark matched up with some fun snake skin looking pants from Chantkate for Nova 2011.  I think this just makes a great look for heading to a fashion show or out shopping.  My shoes are also from Osakki and are in Ink.  I love the studded detailing on the toe and the sassy chain on that back of the heel – very well thought out and great detail to the shoes.  Thank God I am only wearing them in SL though and the sky high heel would really be torture.

I have added bracelets from Mandala and Zaara.  I am also using a Mandala necklace and the Saicho belt in chocolate.  This is one of my favorite hair styles from Exile – it is so cute I have almost every color.  The hair is called Amira and I really like the softness of this classic Dutch boy cut.  Starbucks is calling my name for my morning coffee so dashing out so enjoy your day.


Some more fall mix and match

I was dashing around and saw this great jacket from Chantkare at the Modavia Fashion Week vendors and had to have it.  I love the soft plaid in it and the cute buttons.  I thought a nice scarf would be a good mix with it and added this great one called Paisley from Purple Moon’s Boho House store.  I love the color combination of the scarf with the jacket – the colors are so rich and autumnal.

I had the hair Joanna hair from Fri. already and was very happy when flipping through the scripted color choices that the brown band and hat worked well with the jacket and scarf.  At first I thought a boho skirt would look great with this and almost went with the Trishna gypsy skirt at Zaara but chose pants instead.  The Lelutka Aradia pants in sienna have been a mainstay in my inventory for a while and I sure have gotten my wear out of them.  The Lelutka Quimbaya belt in brown, Bax brown ankle boots, and Leezu Nif Nif gloves rounded out the look.

I got my cute bags on Marketplace.  The tote has a great floral pattern in soft autumn colors and is called Le Poppycock Les fleurs sur le sac.  My vintage suitcase is from Bad at Croquet and is the Vintage Leather suitcase.  I am all set to travel so I think I will take next weekend off and head to the beach for the last chance at sun until next summer.

Modavia Fashion Week Mix and Match

Wow I have been so busy in RL with a big project but wanted to take a mental break so I whipped up this really fun fall look for you all to see.  I love the different vendors at Modavia II featuring the great looks they were showing there.  For mixer matchers like me it was really great to cruise and around and see things that I knew would rock together.

Here is my first one – I am sure there are more to follow.  This top from Peqe had to come right out of my RL drawer.  I swear I have the same thing.  Had to have it!!!  It is called Modavia Baggy and comes with a cute bottom – not shown here.  I mixed these awesome pants from Shi called Chic – love love love the color! The wide legs are really great too.  The scarf I grabbed off of an outfit from Gizza called Fusion Chic [Zebra].  The finishing touch was these really great gloves from Lagyo called Zarema in cornsilk.  I am way way picky about color and these were perfecto with the pants!!! Yum.

I have a thing now about Kik hair – can’t get enough of it and this is another style from there called Nina.  I saw these adorable feathers for your hair when I was looking around from a special accessory and thought they added a great finishing touch.  The feathers you can find at Pididdle and they are feather extensions for your hair.    The pose is another great one from Di’s Opera.

Also if anyone would like me to blog any outfits or pieces that I can mix with other looks please don’t hesitate to let me know.  I enjoy putting looks together and always open to promoting someones new things.

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