A Little Fun With Black and White

I had bought this wonderful Gizza black and white dot maxi skirt but had not worn it yet.  I had paired one the other colorful Gizza maxi’s with a lovely blouse from COCO and I wanted to see what I could cook up with this.  I immediately thought of a dress that I had bought at Leezu way way way back when I was just a little itty bitty newbie and I was off to the races.

 I knew exactly what top I wanted to wear with this skirt.  I have worn and worn this Leezu Noir Mina Flexi dress and the Miriam Flexi Dress.  They are pieces I have never boxed up and stored away.  Three years in someones SL closet is a long time but they are oldies but goodies.  I loved the difference in the size of the dots and the little fur wrap was just great to give it a bit of a fall look. It just goes to show you how long Leezu Baxter has been making quality clothing.

I had recently gotten this Stradivarius hair from Vanity Hair.  The twist and turns of the hair are so elegant but edgy and artistic too.  The hair was really nice with the Lavin gown from Agnes Finney I had had on earlier and I thought it worked here too.  I had seen the Nardcotix hats around on some different blogs so I had to check them out,  You know I love hats!!! This is the Innocence Ribbonata Hat called Kissed.  I was a bit squirmy about ti cause it is sort of snake like in it’s appearance but I thought at least in SL was not going to scare me .    The only other thing I needed to add was some earrings and I have on more oldies here, Lagyo Noir Sacre Coeur – great black and white earrings.


Gizza goes wildly into the fall

I love love this fuzzy zebra jacket from Gizza.  This is such a great edgy boho look.  The jacket so reminds me of something you would have seen in the movie Five Easy Pieces .  I love the touch with the bird – I look like a bird whisperer.  I have on the complete Fusion Chic set in zebra for this including the adorable boots.  They are going to be  great to wear in the fall with skirts as well as slim pants.

I have added the layered tanktop from Coco in Khaki.  I also added old gloves from a Rfrye outfit and a really cute bag from Lelutka called Ruiz.  The detailing of the scarf is great with this Gizza  Fusion outfit.  I also have on Zaara’s wrapped necklace in onyx and men’s aviators from Motel.

The finishing touch was the hair from Vanity Hair.  This is a great easy sexy style to wear with this.  The Camo-Chic comes with a headband that you can change and as I was flipping through I found a great one with the khaki, camel, and brown combo that worked well with this jacket.  Hope you enjoy this fun autumn into winter look from Gizza.


Modavia Fashion Week Mix and Match

Wow I have been so busy in RL with a big project but wanted to take a mental break so I whipped up this really fun fall look for you all to see.  I love the different vendors at Modavia II featuring the great looks they were showing there.  For mixer matchers like me it was really great to cruise and around and see things that I knew would rock together.

Here is my first one – I am sure there are more to follow.  This top from Peqe had to come right out of my RL drawer.  I swear I have the same thing.  Had to have it!!!  It is called Modavia Baggy and comes with a cute bottom – not shown here.  I mixed these awesome pants from Shi called Chic – love love love the color! The wide legs are really great too.  The scarf I grabbed off of an outfit from Gizza called Fusion Chic [Zebra].  The finishing touch was these really great gloves from Lagyo called Zarema in cornsilk.  I am way way picky about color and these were perfecto with the pants!!! Yum.

I have a thing now about Kik hair – can’t get enough of it and this is another style from there called Nina.  I saw these adorable feathers for your hair when I was looking around from a special accessory and thought they added a great finishing touch.  The feathers you can find at Pididdle and they are feather extensions for your hair.    The pose is another great one from Di’s Opera.

Also if anyone would like me to blog any outfits or pieces that I can mix with other looks please don’t hesitate to let me know.  I enjoy putting looks together and always open to promoting someones new things.