I had to have this Kay outfit from Jador

When I saw this outfit I had to have it.  It is sooo me!!! I must of bugged Mimi Juneau to death asking where it was in the store.  I went there several times and completely missed seeing it – RIGHT THERE AT THE DOOR.  I am blind!!! But let me tell you this is one stunning look.  So cool and so sophisticated.  I LOVE IT!

This look has such attitude!  I love the slim fitting suit especially after all the hard work I have put in at the virtual gym – RL too actually.  The warm taupe color is really lovely with the darker brown trim accents.  The dark brown hat tips at a jaunty angle across your face and makes you look mysterious and way sexy.  Being a big time shawl wearer in RL I  was instantly attracted to this one and the over all look had to have come from my RL closet when I used to work.

The collar with this suit has such sweet detailing with a bow tie closed with a lovely little cameo locket.  The pants legs are slim and you could either wear them short and more like a cropped pant or longer as I did here.

This is an outfit that you don’t have to do much too – no dashing from accessory store to the next.  I did added a few things though to finish the look.  Gold earrings from Gems & Kisses, gold nails from Crystalline and a smart looking vintage ring from Donna Flora all helped to round out the look.  My hair is Hina and it is from Miamai.  Certainly when you need a smart, sophisticated important look – this would be an outfit to grab!


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