Ready for the Oscars

The great thing about SL is that you can dress up in any manner you want. You can be grunge, or goth, or elegant. Not only can we admire the lovely gowns we see all the ladies in beauty contest wear but we can go to the store and get the same look not a knock off. I really was blown away with the lovely gowns in the MVW contest this year and in particular a few from Tres Beau.

So off to Tres Beau I went and bought myself this really stunning golden gown. The “Miss Vivienne” is simply amazing. I love love the color and how it drapes. The texturing in this is so well thought out and every single detail is perfection – as you would always expect from any designs you see at Tres Beau. Of course I had to add some really awesome pieces from Finesmith too. I am all set for my walk down the red carpet on Oscar night.

Sabine Mortenwold

Hair – Baiastice – Siville
Crown – Finesmith – Inspiration Jamee
Tat – White Widow – Face Tat – Galaxy Gold
Makeup – Izzie – Eye Make-up brown, lipgloss Cherry 2
Lashes – Glow Studio – Clean and Thick, Greta Garbo
Earrings – Finesmith – Topaz earrings
Necklace – Inspiration Jamee
Gown – Tres Beau – Miss Vivienne
Nails – Finesmith – Acid Bronze
Shoes – Stiletto Moody Bare – Elizabeth – Gold Diamante


One Event – Three Looks

I was honored recently to have the opportunity to cast for Kabuki Boutique. It was a really challenging event and we had to present ourselves in all white. The theme was a futuristic world where everything was white without any shades or colors. Absolutely purity of white.

When you go shopping for white items you don’t know how hard it is to actually find things that are really white. So many items say white but when you get them unpacked and start wearing them, they are actually various shades of white or grey. There are as many shades of white as there are black so finding something utterly pure could be a real challenge. Once you bought something you found you could not tint it. However with careful hunting I found several things that worked and pieces I was able to wear and to tint. Not only did you have to change the color but the actual texture itself so that the underlying texture did not affect the purity of white.

When you go to a casting there are a couple of things that are critical to remember. A number of people did not read the notecard carefully and showed up in various shades of grey and some with colors on. Also when you have a casting and there is a landmark for you always go and practice and practice before hand. If you don’t know the tricks in the runway you can find yourself in an embarrassing situation where you fall off and can’t get back on. It pays to practice until you can do it in your sleep.

I can’t help myself but always over do and in this cast I created three different looks – not sure as to which one to wear. here are all three looks.

This is the look I ended up wearing:
White wash
Hair – Miamai – Pari Updo Red
Headpiece – Alpha.tribe – vector flora unisex avatar – tinted white
Tat – Nuuna Azen Makeup – White
Lashes – Glow Studio – Rhapsody – Lightning
Earrrings – Alienbear – Celestial – white
Lip Ring – Finesmith – Aphrodite Piercing
Shrug – LWL – Angel Shrug
Boby Suit – SYS – Ynuit – jumpsuit – white
Shirt – LWL Sheer Shift
Upper Arm Trim – Pipins – Dress Betrothed
Cuffs – Vero Modero – Shantal Gown
Skirt – Finesmith – Adva Skirt White
Train – Violator – Land of Ice and Snow – Tinted White
Ring – Finesmith – Aphro Ring – White
Nails – Candy Nail – Monotone 01
Shoes – Maitreya Mesh Alexa Wedges – Snow

This was the second look I put together.

Winter White Look 2

Hair: Miamai – Pari
Headpiece – Alpha.tribe – Vector Flora
Face Mask – Solidea Folies – White Cage Face Decor
Lip Pierce – Finesmith – Aphrodite Piercing – White
Face Tat – Nuuna – Azen Makeup
Lashes – Glow Studio – Le Cirque – White Angel Eyelashes
Necklace- Violator – Land of Ice and Sorrow – Collar – tinted white
Collar – Pipins – Dress Betrothed
Shirt – LWL – Shee Shit
Glove and Armbands – Pipins – Dress Betrothed
Cuffs – Vero Modero – Shantal Gown
Top and Pants – Sys – Ynuit – Jumpsuit – white
Nails – Candy Nail – Monotone
Skirt – Finesmith – Adva Skirt White
Train – Violator – Land of Ice and Sorrow
Shoes – Epoque – Mesa Platform – white

Here is the first outfit I worked on – the photo is in black and white as I was playing with effects:

A White World

Hair – Miamai – Storm
Headpiece – Solidea Folies – La Nottoe di S.Lorenzo
Lashes – Glow Studio – Rhapsody – Lightning and Le Cirque – White Angel
Tat – Nuuna Azen and Ninja – white
Sunglasses – Solidea Folies – Summer Glasses
Necklace and shoulder pieces – Violator – Land of Ice and Sorrow
Dress – Solidea Folies – Mirrors
Bodysuit – Sys – Ynuit – jumpsuit White
Gloves and Armbands – Pipins – Betrothed
Ring, Bracelet, Lip piercing – Finesmith – Aphrodite – White
Shoes – Epoque – Mesa Platform – White
Train – Mea Culpa – Lost in Netherworld


Playful Fall

I love to layer and I love interesting patterns mixed together.  I was going for a boho but playful shorts and tights look.  I had just discovered ][AV][ lately and adore their cute clothes.  There are some wonderful layering pieces there.  I was just thrilled with everything I saw there and it is certainly a must visit.

The floral bolero jacket is so sweet and I love the layered ruffled sleeves and ruffle detail on the edge of the bottom.  The jacket is ][AV][ borero flowers in black.  The jacket is a little light for cooler climates so I added the [EY:NO] Scarf in Leo.  I had been looking all over for this lovely cream blouse  and was dying to see the lovely swing of the prim that attaches right under your breast.  The combo of the jacket and blouse would be great over jeans, pants of a flowing skirt for a ultra feminine look.

I did no go with any of the bottoms I have mentioned above instead opting for these cute black lace shorts also from ][Av][.  I really love the lace applique and the nice detailing in these.  To stay warm I added Leezu Maria Tights in bark and I went with Maitreya Moxie sandals and their cute collapsed wool socks.

I am also wearing Lelutka’s Moss hair – what a great name for this tousled look.  I added Kungler’s Extra Guarana necklace.  I am set to go out and walk in the leaves!


Armani Inspired

The challenge was to find a fall look that was inspiring to me.  I have ALWAYS loved Armani clothes but never could have them in RL  The clean elegance and craftsmanship of his designs have always impressed me.  I love the texture of his clothes and the surprising mixes and touches he adds.  So when I was looking through his fall collection I feel in love with the look I am showing you here.  This was such a great feminine and sexy look – at least in my book.

This was my interpretation of the look.  I thought this would be great to go to fashion shows in or to go out dancing at a club.  I started out with the Snowflakes Glitter Belero from Bliss Couture.  The top comes in several lovely pastel shades but I decided to stay more monochromatic.  I added the **DP** Yumyum simple long tee under the top.  My Ballerina Dress skirt comes from a cute shop – Vinik.  This is a cute dress and has a nice asymmetrical top you can’t see here.

I wanted some pants that were fuller and flowing but when I saw this pants at Mimikri I thought they added some glitz and glam to the outfit.  This is really turning into a nice holiday party look now!  The new earrings at Paper Couture are so old hollywood glam and I grabbed this pair of Crystal Clusters there.  A little bit of glam in my hair with this crystal comb that comes with the Miamai Dahlia hair and I was about set.  Just threw on my silver python shoes from Stiletto Moody and some old bracelets from CCD and off I go.

A Little Fun With Black and White

I had bought this wonderful Gizza black and white dot maxi skirt but had not worn it yet.  I had paired one the other colorful Gizza maxi’s with a lovely blouse from COCO and I wanted to see what I could cook up with this.  I immediately thought of a dress that I had bought at Leezu way way way back when I was just a little itty bitty newbie and I was off to the races.

 I knew exactly what top I wanted to wear with this skirt.  I have worn and worn this Leezu Noir Mina Flexi dress and the Miriam Flexi Dress.  They are pieces I have never boxed up and stored away.  Three years in someones SL closet is a long time but they are oldies but goodies.  I loved the difference in the size of the dots and the little fur wrap was just great to give it a bit of a fall look. It just goes to show you how long Leezu Baxter has been making quality clothing.

I had recently gotten this Stradivarius hair from Vanity Hair.  The twist and turns of the hair are so elegant but edgy and artistic too.  The hair was really nice with the Lavin gown from Agnes Finney I had had on earlier and I thought it worked here too.  I had seen the Nardcotix hats around on some different blogs so I had to check them out,  You know I love hats!!! This is the Innocence Ribbonata Hat called Kissed.  I was a bit squirmy about ti cause it is sort of snake like in it’s appearance but I thought at least in SL was not going to scare me .    The only other thing I needed to add was some earrings and I have on more oldies here, Lagyo Noir Sacre Coeur – great black and white earrings.

On a roll with Jador’s great pieces

I am on a blogging roll here and seems that I have so many new things to show you.  While the Mirage coat from Jador is not new I still think it is so wonderful for fall and winter I had to bring it out to show you.  Mimi Juneau has placed it back out at Mimi’s Choice for you all to go and grab one and it comes in several different colors – the red looked great too!!!

Here I am back from a walk in the leaves.  I love the way this coat fits – really slim and has the wonderful fluffy feathers that float and flit around me as I kick up falls beautiful colors.  This is sexy coat – you could also wear it without a turtle neck and some sexy lingerie underneath.  I can imagine that would definitely warm up a cold fall night.  If you do get chilly just pull the coat tight around you and hook the attached belt.

I am also wearing a brown turtle neck from Aoharu and some of my favorite jewelry from Mandala in the Amida series.  I had to bite into the maple leaf and see if I could get some good maple syrup.  The leaf is from Concrete Flowers – it is an old item I had last fall too.  You just have to so want these great boots from Boudoir too.  As with everything from Boudoir these are so well made and so feminine.  I love the floral pattern and the lovely autumnal colors.

My hair is all askew from the breeze but it came from Maitreya and is called Natalie.  The glass way way  ancient from back many years ago when I started modeling.  They are from Role Optic.  I have on makeup from Mock and teeth lips from Chaisuki – had to have something to bite into the twig with.

I had to have this Kay outfit from Jador

When I saw this outfit I had to have it.  It is sooo me!!! I must of bugged Mimi Juneau to death asking where it was in the store.  I went there several times and completely missed seeing it – RIGHT THERE AT THE DOOR.  I am blind!!! But let me tell you this is one stunning look.  So cool and so sophisticated.  I LOVE IT!

This look has such attitude!  I love the slim fitting suit especially after all the hard work I have put in at the virtual gym – RL too actually.  The warm taupe color is really lovely with the darker brown trim accents.  The dark brown hat tips at a jaunty angle across your face and makes you look mysterious and way sexy.  Being a big time shawl wearer in RL I  was instantly attracted to this one and the over all look had to have come from my RL closet when I used to work.

The collar with this suit has such sweet detailing with a bow tie closed with a lovely little cameo locket.  The pants legs are slim and you could either wear them short and more like a cropped pant or longer as I did here.

This is an outfit that you don’t have to do much too – no dashing from accessory store to the next.  I did added a few things though to finish the look.  Gold earrings from Gems & Kisses, gold nails from Crystalline and a smart looking vintage ring from Donna Flora all helped to round out the look.  My hair is Hina and it is from Miamai.  Certainly when you need a smart, sophisticated important look – this would be an outfit to grab!

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